Toronto has never been one to shy away from mainstream music. With the likes of Drake and The Weeknd topping the charts every other week, we proved our musical chops on more than one occasion. Hidden by this outer shell, there are many unsung heroes (pun intended) that haven’t received the widespread recognition they deserve. One such talent is Ebhoni Cato-O’Garro – the latest addition to the germinating pop scene.

Ebhoni Cato-O’Garro: 19-year-old Torontonian singing sensation

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On the cusp of turning 19, Ebhoni has essentially pioneered a whole new genre of music. She fuses elements like R&B melodies and catchy choruses with a youthful approach. Ebhoni’s debut EP, Mood Ring, has accumulated some impressive numbers on what is just a handful of tracks.

The young singer/songwriter was born and raised in Toronto. She discovered her passion for music at the tender age of 10 and began recording her work when she was 11. Her journey, like most aspiring musicians, began on YouTube. This platform was an outlet for her original songs and covers. Over the span of ten months, the singer’s musical mettle won her a loyal fan following by the thousands. The first original song that she recorded and posted to YouTube was “Just Smile” and got over 400,000 views within the first two months – a feat that Ebhoni is unapologetically proud of.

Some of Ebhoni’s muses growing up were DMX, Lil Wayne, Biggie, Erykah Badu, Beyoncé, and of course, Drake. She confesses that her taste in music hasn’t changed much since. One of her biggest hits till date, “Bye Baby”, was produced by XELARAIN, a fellow Torontonian. The track, unlike her others (which have much darker nuances), is what she lovingly dubs as bubblegum pop.

Ebhoni’s writing process allows her to present a different character to the world with each new track. She describes her music as being layered, with postmodern undertones embracing the fundamentals of contemporary composition. The singer likes to keep her music relatable but with a light vibe to it. The EP is stripped back, but also incredibly focused and intimate when it needs to be. Through her lyrics, she lends a vivid imagery to the listener.

In production, the singer looks for anything that allows for something different vocally or something that sounds really different from the extant fare. What makes her and XELARAIN such a likely duo is his signature sound in production uses water to create exciting riffs. Ebhoni feels like his zany twist to her music helps elevate her existing sound palette. As for what the future holds, the singer admits that she and XELARAIN have being working hard in the studio and have some interesting stuff for 2018.

Her sound engineer and main producer, OPIUM, who she has worked with since the age of 13 is someone she describes as having helped her discover her own sound and embrace it. She feels that this type of support system is the reason she is consistent, pushes the boundaries, and puts out quality music.

With her present laurels, Ebhoni has proven herself a rising star worth watching out for. Her music is available on SoundCloud and is definitely earning its keep. Give it a listen right here!

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