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Torontonian born and bred, under-the-radar fashion designer Beely Huang is taking the industry by storm, and how!







Beely owns and operates Designed by Beely, a Canadian women’s apparel and accessories brand


Beely graduated with a Bachelor’s in Education from York University, and taught in numerous locations across the country. During her travels, the designer was constantly surrounded by serenity and exposed to the great outdoors. It was during these crucial years that Beely came to appreciate and create what would become a fashion movement in and of itself.

Today, Beely owns and operates Designed by Beely, a Canadian women’s apparel and accessories brand. An autodidact and a highly motivated individual, she is inspired by the understated, the unexpected and the imperfections. These imperfections challenge her to lend a bold voice to simplistic designs. The signature vibe of her label is a compelling combination of timeless appeal and stripped down aesthetics.

The label was launched in 2016 at Vancouver Fashion Week. Its debut collection, ECHO F/W17 was met with acclaim from the critics and media alike. Beely has proven that creativity is etched in her DNA. Her collection continues to make waves as it puts in an appearance on runways across the US and Toronto. Designed by Beely has often closed the show to rousing applause as the featured label of the night.

Beely focuses on three powerful nuances when creating any piece – versatility, sophistication and edge. She aims at redefining the classics to cater to the fashion-savvy professional woman. Getting candid about her creative process, Beely reveals that she did not design her ECHO collection with any specific season in mind, even though this line was debuted as a Fall/Winter collection. Rather, she prefers to hardwire versatility and a perennial appeal into each garment in what she has coined “modular fashion.” All her designs have transformable components that enable them to transition at the hands of the wearer. These components were created to harmonize and complement the other garments within her body of work.

beely huangHer experience of living off the land while in Nunavut has inspired another stellar creation. She now has an exclusive line of sustainable fur accessories that are completely handmade and inspired by her Arctic lifestyle. In tandem, Beely has also launched a collection of sustainable seal fur mittens. She remains tight-lipped about the creation process and only reveals that they use traditional hand-sewing techniques that highlight the quality craftsmanship.

Her entire portfolio boasts of delicate proportions, a neutral colour palette and minimalist patterns. The label constantly reinforces the lessons she picked up over her prolific travels – functional designs with, at times, a whimsical flair. All Beely’s designs emphasize the strong bond with nature that she forged through her years as an itinerant.

To adapt to an ever-changing fashion landscape, Beely has taught herself to create iconic pieces through a variety of mediums. Repurposed furs and hides are only a small portion of what she envisions for the future trajectory of her brand.

Beely has made a name for herself as an avant garde visionary in fashion circles worldwide. Visit Beely’s shop to see some of her breathtaking designs.

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