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Absolute Comedy is a comedy club located in North York and features great local talent. The venue itself is set up like a restaurant with lots of tables and a bar in the back. Having never been to a comedy club before, I didn’t know what kind of seating arrangement to expect. We had seats pretty close to the stage, which was the tiniest stage I’d ever seen; not enough room to really walk around but was just a small area of an elevated surface.

Opener: Trixx

Trixx was a great opener and I recognized him right away. Not by his name, but I was sure I had seen him on a show from Much Music called “Video on Trial”.

He did a good job of setting the mood for the rest of the show. He went right into the political situation in the US and how much better off we are here in Canada. That was one topic all the comedians that night had in common.

Headliner: David Pryde

david pryde on stageThe headlining act was David Pryde and I can’t say that he looked familiar to me but he had an impressive résumé. He was on Just for Laughs, Comedy Now, The Halifax Comedy Festival, and had a number of acting credits.

I have always been a big fan of comedy and watched a lot of stand up. Seeing as this was my first time seeing an actual comedian live it gave me a better sense of how I could never do it myself. The audience is really up there with not much separating the stage from them. Not to mention, it’s just you up there; there’s no band members or music to hide behind. Just you with a mic in your hand and you have to get up and make people laugh. If anything, I have a greater respect for what they do now because Trixx and David Pryde both do it really well.

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